Thursday, October 7, 2010

waiting for truck

The first post is mine! Largely because everyone else is being truly productive. The truck needed a new transmission and the mechanic said he'd try to get to it as early as possible. We should be on the road and folks are getting antsy. The big question is how to get everything up there. We're scheduled to have both the oxen and the horses at the event, oxen for hauling and horses for horse rides, and we're supposed to be set up and ready for the school day tomorrow. At this point it's a 5-6 hour drive up there and one trailer. So we have to go up with one set, come back, and then go up with the other set.

Maria is arguing that we keep the oxen and their wagon together as the most necessary component and if the horses are not there on Friday, so be it. It's just a big logistical mess and there is not much we can do about it right now other than sit and wait.

But one way or another we'll be around Hartford City, Indiana this weekend and with luck Gerry will be beating oxen and Maria will be mistreating horses. (In case you have never been around our group, all our animals are on voice commands and we never hit them. I'll see if I can get Gerry to write more on gentle animal training techniques. I bet that won't be difficult. He loves talking about his animals.)


  1. Sounds like the normal adventures of a teamster.

    Looking forward to seeing Gerry and the boys at Trail of History.

  2. Glad to follow the oxen adventures on your blog. The animals are amazing and among the most-loved and well-treated animals I have ever seen. I love that you follow my philosophy-we don't "own" our animals, we share our lives with them.