Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am appalled at the Tucson shooting.  I do not want to be hypocritical, there has been a great deal of violence in my life, but can't we Americans outgrow our primitive predilection for mayhem.  I hate to see greater governmental regulation and control, but this endless string of gun violence is going to bring it about.  There is no way for us to control every mentally deranged person in the country.  But, we create the climate of violence.  We glorify the "Second Amendment solution".  Our entertainment is filled with acts of crime and bloodshed.  The language of our leaders is filled with it.  We create this climate.  As a result, we have a homicide rate among the highest on the planet.  Our crime rate is similarly high.  One quarter of the world's prison population is in this country.  We have the highest number of police per capita in the world (this is counting police of all sorts, FBI, ATF, TSB, State, Local, Park Police, private security police, etc.) 

I think part of the reason why I drive oxen is that whoever heard of a "War Ox".

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